Digital Impression System

Digital Impression System

With our digital impression system there are no more messy impressions needed to obtain models.  Now we just simply scan the patient's teeth and a digital model is produced. We are then able to create a custom treatment plan for each patient.  With the capabilty to produe the digital model it also cuts down on turn around time.  We no longer have to wait on the lab to return the models to us. Best of all...  No more messy impressions that make you gag!!   Check back soon for more details!


Digital Xray and 3-D Imaging System

Digital X-ray System

With our high tech digital x-ray equipment we are able to take excellent quality digital x-rays needed for evaluation and treatment planning.  We will take the very important panorex x-ray to begin our evaluation to show the doctors how things are under the gumline as well as just looking in the mouth.  We can find things such as crowding, extra teeth, missing teeth or blocked out teeth.  We are able to take excellent quality digital x-rays of the patinet's profile to anaylze for final treatment planning. We also have the capability to take 3-D x-rays on specific areas in the mouth if necessary to see even more closely areas in question.   Check back soon for more details!